Pembaca KAMI

Thursday, July 31, 2008


This a little comment and smthin' that we need to think.. only us know who is ourself actually. and only us can change our mind, our life and all other people's view surronding us... so, let us think together what is the very, very good to our sake!!!

  • stop acting like kidz frenz!!
  • control ur voice , ur behavior, and ur ACT!!
  • lecturer are watching us..
  • super senior are watching us..
  • don't blame our class!!!!
  • try to change yourself as a trainee teachers!!!
  • show our gud performance
  • stop from doing smthin' that others people dislike....
  • we are a family, so let live in harmony.. plz don't blame each other.
  • be honest
  • stop pointing to smbody else. just look deep to urself....

we need to think frenz!! use our mind and our advantage!! knowing that we are surrounding by people who take care about us!!!!!!!

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